Formative Years (Grade I To IV)

Formative Years (Grades I to IV) is dedicated to provide an innovative and comprehensive curriculum designed to make learning enjoyable and meaningful.

The education helps inculcate among students a sense of purpose in whatever they do and makes the learning process a pleasure and adventure so that they acquire knowledge to weigh and consider outcomes with reason and discrimination. The curriculum has various dimensions. It is child centered and prepares the child for life.

The Formative years has an activity oriented learning programme where learning becomes more structured and specialized. Programmes are offered at different levels, where children are encouraged to become more social and aware of their surroundings. The school provides them exposure to a variety of inputs such as Occupational Therapy, Intensive Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Play Therapy as well as Dance Therapy at an early age which allows them to develop a taste in their particular area of interest.