Admission Process

Admissions are conducted twice a year. A parent seeking admission for their special needs child has to fill in an Application for Admission. This is followed by an In-house Assessment. A specially designed assessment tool is used to determine a child's (students) potential in Academics and Vocational Skills. The assessment tool helps to assess the child for placement in either of the 3 sections of the school namely Formative Years, Intermediate Level and Vocational Training Sections School. This assessment tool is chosen on the basis of the chronological age of the child and after reviewing the child's previous educational reports and medical history.

In certain cases Therapeutic assessment, if required, is suggested and conducted. This includes Occupational Therapy, Sports Therapy or assessment of Functional Vision and Visual Perception.

This follows an interview with the Principal that finally decides the admission, based on the current vacancies and assessment results.

(Please download the Application Form and print.
Fill the complete form and bring it with you at the time of the admission process.)