October 5th 2018, was a day of great expectations. An ubiquitous 'chat' had sparked of interest that led to 'UBUNTU' an extravaganza presented by the students of SPJ Sadhana School. 'UBUNTU' – I am because we are – the idea had been around here, for a long time, and a rose by any other name...

It all started when a 'ping' alerted Principal Fionika Sanghvi to 'Ubuntu' the latest chat in a long line of 'lates'. As wheels turned, the staff was roped in and an idea dawned. There were many takes on its creative birth but finally it blossomed into 'Prince Salim Ke Original Kahani'. It was agreed that this heart wrenching story would be brought back, dusted off and presented, but as a whole new ballgame. Definitely Salim could not remain a 'Salim' may be a 'Salman' but definitely not 'Salim'. Gone were the days of coy nuances and graceful speech.

Circa 21 is the time of Space Adventure, CGI, Emojis, so why not Time Travel? And so there we have it, Salim and Anarkali were 'beamed up' (or down) into a delightful, 'pot-holed' Mumbai and of course true love triumphed. Euphoria had set in at inception. It was quirky, riotous and chancy. Were we ready? Staff and students hand in hand, jumped into weeks of hard work, drama and fun. Day by day the tempo mounted, as each hurdle was confronted and overcome. The few final days were a time of expectation and knowing. We were ready.

Needless to say the concert was a huge success. No more would the students just dance while the narrator had the punch lines. Dances, dialogues, punch lines and improvisation were all firmly grasped by the students and made their own, for a resounding encore. As for 'UBUNTU'. This ideal would continue but with a new understanding that we have all always had each other's back, students, staff, caregivers and Administration. This was definitely no new concept. We had lived it for 45 years.
On 4th September 2018 we were happy and relieved that the much awaited Registration Certificate from the Social Welfare Department, Pune arrived. We have been granted this license for a period of three years. We thank God for all the graces of the year gone by with all the changes that it has brought into the school. We are also grateful for the trust and support we have received from the Management, Parents and well-wishers of the school. We are especially grateful to our Donors without whose help we would not have been able to run the school according to our dreams and the tradition established in Sadhana over the years.
On 5th September 2018, Teacher's Day was celebrated with yet another first. Siblings of our students were invited to participate in various activities. The event was a resounding success as proud students and siblings bounded with each other and the classes in a unique way. In many ways, it was an eye opener for all.
The School Concert was presented by the students of SPJ Sadhana School on 5th October 2018. The theme revolved around the social concept of 'Ubuntu' – 'I am because we are'. The concert was directed by Ms. Shivani a well-known director. The event was a 'hit' with all students' staff and parents.
SPJ Sadhana School celebrated Diwali in a different manner. For a change the Staff donned colourful costumes and performed the Story of Ram for the students. The entertainment proved to be a hilarious experience for the students who were highly amused to see their teachers in various roles. A highlight of the event was the creation of exquisite rangolis by the volunteers of the school which were made entirely of flowers. The event was held on 25th October 2018 last day of school before the Diwali Vacation.
The Celebral Palsy Association jointly with Asstt. Commissioner, Social Welfare, Mumbai Suburban Dist, celebrated World CP day on 13th October 2018. The Association sponsored a painting competition which was won by Ms. Hiya Jain in the Mild Category (Age Group 13-18 years).
Our Sports Teacher Rajashri Ghosalkar attended Special Olympics Maharashtra Aquatics Training and Fitness Camp as Probable Coach for World Summer Games 2019 from 21st October – 25th October, 2018.
Anvith Shetty & Harshit Maheshwari students from Office Procedure and Pre-Vocational Class attended Special Olympics Bharat, National Coaching Camp for Aquatics at Andheri Sports Complex from 22nd – 25th October, 2018.
On 9th October 2018, 16 students participated in "Astitva Ek Pehchaan 2018" athletic events sponsored by The Rotaract Club of Lala Lajpatrai College. The students won many accolades – 5 in First place, 5 in Second place and 5 in Third place. It was a great experience for all.
On 24th September 2018, Ms. Madhu Sajnani of SPJ Sadhana School was invited to the NGO Mentoring Session conducted by the CII Indian Women Network (IWN) Maharashtra State Chapter. The session was aimed at creating greater market awareness, enhanced strategy for NGO's.