The Annual Exhibition of SPJ Sadhana School was held on 7th & 8th December 2018.

The Exhibition has come to mean many things to many people for parents and their families and friends; it is the comfortable social gathering to exchange notes and 'chit chat' over 'chat', a perennial hot favourite with all. Our students eagerly await their families but "light up" as meeting ex-students and old friends, they bond again. Bonding is very important in their young lives and they never forget a face.

For the Staff and Administration, a culmination of the whole year's hard work is in sight, with feelings, some of relief and some of expectancy for whatever is ahead.

This annual milestones have witnessed anxiety, frustration, impatience relief, accomplishment and joy and charted all. Staff and Students will come and pass but these relentless games-changers will progress year on year up-ing the game, raising the bar and keeping the score as SPJ Sadhana moves on and out of its 45th year. The changing face has moved from 'homespun' to 'professional' to 'digital'. 45 years hence will see game plans, make overs and trail blazers, expect this one 'Constant' that in its change, measures us all.
Exams are a bane for young and old alike. Earlier, Ms. Priya D'souza Coordinator of the Formative Years section emphasized on 'Creative Assessments' as an innovative alternative. Assessments facilitate hands on experience and practical knowledge, and bring in enthusiasm when performing a task. Therefore, paper and pencil have now earned intermittent rest and constructive enterprise has stepped in. Sessions explored a wide cross section – Communication skills, EVS, Preliminary Science, Mathematics, Culinary Arts and what have you. A moot point was the inspired appraisal generated by the teacher and the responsive "tell me why" mien of the student.'

Both were involved in a learning experience that was shared equally has become an established mode. Exams in the future for the Formative Years are a past experience. Students will confidently demonstrate their skills while tears, stress and thoughts of exams are far from their heads.
"I am working", "I get salary." "I am independent."... Yes that's what we hear when our students graduate out of Sadhana. SPJ Sadhana is a home for those who have been titled as "ye kuch nahi karega", "Special child, what can he do?" SPJ Sadhana has turned the sadness of parents into Joy, worry into excitement and anticipation into achievement.

We receive children at the age of 4 years with a bag full of exploratory and curious nature, trying to make meaning of everything they see, hear and touch. Every day is like opening a Pandora's Box. Every moment there is new experience, every day there is something new to learn and to grow.

We work with the children in varied areas to develop their basic skills of academics, life skills and Pre vocational skills. These are further categorised as reading, writing, math, language and communication, EVS General knowledge and general awareness, social skills, Activities of daily living skills, Civic sense, personality grooming, gross and fine motor skills, perception skills, technological skills, sports and co-curricular activities.

Every child has a different modality of learning. Some are tactile and kinaesthetic learner while others are visual and auditory and few are multisensory. There are modifications made in the teaching learning aids, environment as per requirements of the children.

It is the most fundamental part of a child's journey in life. The school provides every possible specialised support, innovative and comprehensive designed curriculum to make learning enjoyable and meaningful.
Ms. Priya D'Souza
Coordinator - Formative Years
On 20th December 2018, the school celebrated the 'Christmas Wishing Day'. Dr and Mrs. Vora of Rochester New York were Chief Guests. Some of the students enacted a Dance Drama on the theme of togetherness in the spirit of Christmas which was very well appreciated by the staff and students alike. The staff & students together built creative 3D Christmas Trees, using all the teaching learning materials that are predominantly used in their classroom.
On 21st December 2018, The PTA delighted the students and staff by arranging a viewing of "ZERO" the movie, to celebrate Christmas. As the Movie stars popular actors and addresses social causes dear to our hearts, it was a very enjoyable and fruitful outing.
From 23rd to 30th November 2018 our Sport Teachers Ms. Rajashri Ghosalkar attended Special Olympics Bharat Floorball National Games at Haridwar, Uttarakhand as the Head Coach, a prestigious feather in SPJ Sadhana School's cap.
Children's Day was celebrated with fun and games on 14th November 2018. Ms. Nilima Daruwala and the team of Blue Food Pvt. Ltd K-Hospitality sponsored a day of festivities which involved the entire school. The highlights were a Moon-Walk, Photo-Corner, Tattoos, Music and Games and the primary attraction-an incredible Magic Show. Staff and Students were enthralled by this 'now you see it, now you don't delight presented. The School is very grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of Ms. Daruwala and her team.
On 18th November 2018, the Administrator Sr. Pratibha Pinto and the Principal Ms. Fionika Sanghvi were invited by the Nurit Finkelstein, spouse of the Consul General of Israel in Mumbai, to attend an interactive meeting with Prof. Rivka Lazovksy, President of WIZO. Prof. Lazovsky is Chairperson of World WIZO, the most prestigious women's Zionist organization in the World.
The students of SPJ Sadhana School were invited by Ms. Naina Shah of Concern India foundation – Mumbai to participate in the Splash Art Event on 5th December 2018. Kaushik Sarma of Pre-Vocational Department was awarded the 3rd Prize.
The Annual Exhibition was held on 7th & 8th December 2018, Mrs. K Manjula chief of HR & Management Services, SBI Life was invited as Chief Guest and was greeted in song and dance by the students of the Formative Years. As always, the Intermediate and Senior Schools displayed a vast variety of articles made by the students, each Department proudly displaying the talents of their youngsters. Paintings, hand painted scarfs, 3 dimensional craft. Decorative bags and envelopes were some of the articles displayed by the Visual Arts & Craft. The office procedure Class had an extensive digitally designed and printed array that was the outcome if their years of intensive training. They also released the Sadhana times in a new 'avatar'. One of the highlights of the exhibition has always been the food 'Foodies' thronged the stalls of the Hospitality and Catering department from early morning as the students dished out continental, Mexican, Chinese and Indian cuisine deliciously complemented by succulent deserts. Bottled items have always been sought after by our well-wishers and the Department was rewarded by our almost total sell-out of condiments Delicacies, Spices and 'Farsan' and Drinks. Undoubtedly they were two exhaustive but very enjoyable days as students, staff and parents intermingled for this annual event.
On 11th December 2018, SPJ Sadhana School welcomed the Mother General of the Society of the Sacred Heart, Sr. Barbara Dowson and Sr. Isabelle Lagneau. The Co-ordinators of the School presented an Orientation on the School and our work and the students performed a small dance-drama with teamwork in the Spirit of Christmas as the central theme.
Amazing Vacations hosted a Christmas Party for the students on 14th December 2018. The Students were entertained by an Animal Show which lasted for half an hour and delighted them. Games and treats ended the eventful day on a very happy note. Amazing Vacations was also kind enough to make a substantial Donation to the School.
On 14th December 2018, the students and staff of Grade IV and Skills enhancement class attended the School Carnival hosted by The Aditya Birla Integrated School. The students of the two classes interacted well with the students of TABIS and enjoyed the event. The Carnival activities laid emphasis on social skills and Study and it was a good educational experience for our students.
On 20th December 2018, Principal Ms. Fionika Sanghvi was invited by the Sophia nursery as Chief Guest as the Nursery is part of the same society it was an extremely prestigious event.
On 16th November 2018, Ms. Kashmira Vazifdar, Co-ordinator and Ms. Jasmine Sajnani attended a Workshop and Presentation and discussion on Autism At Work and The future Generation conducted by ISME-School of Management and Entrepreneurship with the University of BATH & J.P. Morgan Chase. As SPJ Sadhana School's main aim is to launch students into mainstream as independent members of Society, the workshop served to further our aims.
On 21st November 2018, Ms. Madhavi Shilpi organized a workshop on MIND MAPPING. The primary need to teach Mind Maps is to enhance the visual spatial intelligence for their professional needs. The workshop was informative and extensive and was well attended.
On 14th December 2018, a talk was held by the Ms. Poornima Aggarwal on Sound therapy for the Staff of the School. Ms. Aggarwal is a Vocalist and Music therapist. She conducts a range sessions and workshops to help increase the awareness of the human voice and its potential as a tool for transformation. The workshop was extremely informative as tone and rhythm are instrumental in affecting the body and bring in positive vibration. This was very well demonstrated by Ms Aggarwal. We are truly grateful for the information.
Play Pal India organized a talk by Dr. Anjali Joshi on 17th December 2018, on their Play Development Facilitation for the parents and teachers of SPJ Sadhana School. The talk was informative and extensive and was well attended.
On 13th December 2018, 50 Nurses of Bombay Hospital were oriented by Co-ordinator Kashmira Vazifdar on their visit.