In January 2018, the staff and students of SPJ Sadhana School were very happy to welcome Sr. Pratibha Pinto as Administrator and Ms. Fionika Sanghvi as In-charge Principal. The staff and students also bid a sad farewell to Sr. E. Gaitonde who resigned as Principal due to extreme ill health and Dr. Radhike Khanna who moved on to accept wider responsibilities with OM Creations.
3rd - 8th November 2017 :- Halima Maknojia student of Visual Arts and Crafts department attended Special Olympics Handball Championship at Agra, Uttar Pradesh. She was awarded a Bronze medal.
5th November 2017 :- 12 students from the Polytechnic department attended Adidas Invitational BOCCE Team Game organised by Special Olympics Bharat Maharashtra, in Mumbai. All the 12 students were awarded medals.
11th & 12th January 2018 :- SPJ Sadhana School's 'SPORTS MEET' was held at the Priyadarshini Park, Mumbai. The students participated in a variety of games including Relay, Long Jump, Skating, Prop and Obstacle races. The students of the Formative years took part in innovative prop races such as 'Going to the Market', 'Kitchen Queen' and 'Miss World'. Ms. Rajashri Ghosalkar, Sports Coach used the Divisioning process of the Special Olympics game rules – teams were formed according to Age, Gender and Performance / ability level. The Sports Meet was attended by Mr & Mrs. Sushil & Falguni Jhaveri of FUEL, Mr. Sandeep Chavan of MD, Maharashtra 1 News Channel, Mr, Manish Goel Indian Film and Television Actor along with India Today news channel, Ms. Nishriin Parekh, International Fitness Trainer, Mrs. Nurit Finkelstein (wife of Consul General of Israel), Mr. Suhas Varke, IG ATS Mumbai Police,
20th January 2018 :- Kimberley Nunes attended the Athlete Leadership Module I at Kolkata.
On 21st December 2017, Ms. Delna Pryde and Mr. Daniel Snow, therapists at Giant Steps, Sydney and Mr. James Pryde, A Special Needs Educator along with two students visited SPJ Sadhana School. They expressed deep appreciation of the curriculum and the vocational training program. They applauded its application to and success in real life situations while facilitating the integration of students in the community. There was a healthy exchange of ideas and the desire for collaboration between the institutions.
23rd January 2018 in recognition of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, a workshop was held by Dr. Nishita Shah on the importance of diagnosis of Cervical Cancer and measures related to its prevention. Dr. Nishita Shah emphasized on the availability of the new vaccine for prevention.