On 19th January 2019, SIMSREE – Sydenham Institute of Management Studies – invited SPJ Sadhana School to participate in 'Drishtikon' a social conclave on 'Attaining Equalities'. The event aimed at creating awareness and highlighting the cause of equality especially for persons with disabilities. The school was represented by Ms. Madhu Sajnani and Ms. Jasmine Sajnani.
On 25th January 2019, Members from New India Assurance Company Limited organized a Poster Making Competition on "SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN". The students produced innovative and to the point posters which were appreciated to the extent that the organizers will be displaying them in their company. There were 3 winners from each level – Formative Years, Intermediate Level and Vocational Training. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL.!
On 3rd January 2019, the Principal Ms. Fionika Sanghvi, the coordinators, Ms. Priya D'souza and Simida Correia and Ms. Tanvi Patel attended the Orientation Programme of PlayPal Development Felicitation Programme which has been introduced in the School. Play Pal is a widely acclaimed programme which aims to harness the potential of children with disabilities through sensitive, empathetic and motivated movement therapy.
Formative Years –IIP
The formative years Grade I, II & III were given the experience of travelling on public transport on 22nd January 2019, when they visited 'Sanyas Ashram' at Andheri. The students were agog at the different modes of transport which involved a train ride, a rickshaw ride and a trip by Uber. They took all three in their stride without any incidents.
Grade II also visited the Historical Section of the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya - Prince of Wales Museum to study the life size specimens of birds and animals displayed in their own natural habitat. The day trips served to open their understanding of the fauna and create a bond with Nature.
On 29th January 2019, in continuance of their studies, Grade II visited the stables at the Mahalaxmi Race Course revelling with the horses and learning in a playful way of their habitat, functions and routine.
On 3rd & 4th January 2019, the Sports instructor Ms. Rajashri Ghosalkar arranged and executed training of the Special Olympics Bharat Young Athlete Programme in Harigoan, Ahmednagar. The intensive programme was attended by both staff and students of St. Theresa Primary School / St. Theresa High School (Girls).
11, B.Ed. Special Education (ASD) trainees of the 1st Year and 7 of the 2nd Year, of the Suvidya Centre of Special Education visited SPJ Sadhana School on 15th January 2019. Their purpose was to study the infrastructural facilities available, to discuss IEP with the teachers and observe the teaching of children in their classrooms.
On 16th January 2019, Sr. Mariaelena and the trainees from the Community Training Centre for Women's Development, Torpa Jharkhand visited the School.
Volunteer Aman Dalal
SPJ Sadhana has consistently invited catered to and worked in close communication with volunteers of all ages. Aman Dalal a junior undergraduate student at Boston University, studying neuroscience, recently volunteered in the Math Lab and left us with a heart-warming tribute.

"I have worked as a volunteer at Sadhana for a short time, and I was very impressed with the curriculum, faculty members, and students. As the students engage in a variety of courses such as visual arts & crafts, math, hospitality & catering, and more, there are endless opportunities for students to excel and develop their potential. Although, Sadhana's students have disabilities, this doesn't prohibit them from learning and achieving their goals. Sadhana's faculty members ensured every student is attentive and able to grasp the information being taught. Topics were taught in a simple manner and enforced multiple times to allow students to independently solve problems and assess the given scenario. Also, it was delightful to see the kids every day. I was always greeted by their smiling faces, namaste's, and friendly gestures in the mornings, during classes, and at recess. Sadhana empowers its students to be independent and achieve wonders in whatever future endeavors they pursue." Thank you we deeply appreciate your commendation.