January 2023 Update
The New Year began on a busy note, as the month of January 2023 was filled with a range of activities and events.

Students from Wilson College enrolled for the Second Year Bachelor of Arts Course visited the school to observe and experience the training methods and therapies implemented at SPJ Sadhana School. The students mentioned in their feedback that their exposure to the school was extremely beneficial. In addition to the excellent physical environment and infrastructure of the school and the very useful therapies, they mentioned that the teachers were caring, patient, friendly and helpful; they knew how to deal with various situations and accepted each learner as an individual. They all stressed that the visit was an enriching and enlightening experience.

Sadhana School participated in the NIRVAAN Exhibition-cum-sale for NGOs, a grand intercollegiate festival conducted by the Nirmala Memorial Foundation College. The exhibition was held at Kandivali and showcased products made by specially abled people, such as handicrafts, fabric-based products, home decor, jewellery, planters, bakery items, etc.

The students of S. P. J. Sadhana School celebrated Republic Day with a Special Assembly by the Office Procedures Class, and hoisting of the flag. Mr. Prashant Gupta, President of the Rotary Club of Bombay Peninsula, was the Chief Guest at the occasion. The Special Assembly conveyed the message that at SPJ Sadhana School, special young adults receive training to be a part of Digital India, with a curriculum that is designed to train the students for placement in mainstream society, fulfilling the school motto which believes that each student is "Born to Be a Winner".

The school was honoured with a visit by Sister Maria Cimperman of the Sacred Heart. Sr. Maria is also a Professor of Theology at the Catholic Theological Union, New York.

On the Sports front, one of the Sports teachers, Ms. Alpana Koli has attended the SHOFIT Fitness Training Programme organized by the Special Olympics Association, Maharashtra, and sponsored by HASBRO. Ms. Koli's training will benefit the students of the school.

An Introductory Workshop on the Mathematics Programme was conducted by the Maths teacher Ms. Kalpana Kapadia. The teachers were briefed about the "Let's Talk Math Programme" which has been followed in the school since 2006. This programme is based on "Mathematics with a Humanistic Approach", designed and developed by Ms. Tamar Apel. The workshop used an interactive mode to stress various important ideas such as building connections with the students, with the topic and with the teaching material, designing teaching that is compatible to the students' needs, giving simple and specific instructions, giving time to the students to explore through concrete aids, providing a successful and enjoyable learning experience, etc. The workshop highlighted the importance of Maths in everyday life, and suggested ways of enhancing the self-esteem of the students.

The Principal, Ms. Fionika Sanghvi, conducted a workshop on PECs (Picture Exchange Communication) for parents of the Formative Years and Skills Enhancement Classes. The workshop provided parents with very important insights and strategies, since communication is an integral part of the needs of a special child, and needs to be taught and inculcated using different modalities. Pictures being a universal mode, this makes communication more effective and meaningful for both the communicator as well as the communicative partner.

An important aspect of S. P. J. Sadhana School is its prestigious ISO Certification, for which a crucial element is the process of internal auditing. An Orientation Programme was conducted for new staff members on the Internal Audit by Ms. Kashmira Vazifdar. Teachers were informed about the objectives and purpose of the internal audit, the criteria for the audit, the processes followed by the school, which process each staff member belongs to, and how the audit is conducted. This workshop clarified how the Internal Audit ensures that the systems and processes of the school are working in an efficient manner.

As a part of the Management Meeting with the Staff, a workshop was also conducted by the Principal, Ms. Fionika Sanghvi and the school psychologist Ms. Kashmira Vazifdar, on effective strategies for helping students to develop appropriate behaviours. The workshop suggested how Positive Reinforcement can enhance the learning experience and encourage the learners to participate in the process of learning. The workshop also suggested how sensitive ways of reprimanding can help to decrease inappropriate behaviour and increase appropriate behaviour. Ms. Vazifdar also presented the concept of VUCA, where aspects of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in dealing with students with challenging behaviour, can be changed to more positive strategies: Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Adaptability.

Thus the month of January 2023 dealt with extremely important issues in the teaching/learning processes implemented at S. P. J. Sadhana School.