On 14th February 2019, SPJ Sadhana School celebrated Valentine’s Day with a tribute to Grandparents. The first ever ‘Grandparents Day’ in school was celebrated with much gusto and loads of joy, as the 3 levels of school outdid themselves to welcome and commemorate “Grand-parenting”. The Grandparents and students interacted in games, photoshoots, feasting and just ‘being there’. A truly gratifying event
The JB Foot and Mouth Arts invited SPJ Sadhana School to display paintings on 4th & 5th February 2019, by the students at an exhibition held at World Trade Centre Mumbai. 3 students represented the school at the event where 6 paintings by various students were displayed.

The Principal Ms. Fionika Sanghvi, Sr. Pratibha Pinto Financial Administrator and several staff members of SPJ Sadhana attended the 58th National Day of Kuwait celebration as guests of the Consul-General and Madame Al Olaimi on 25th February 2019.
On 22nd & 27th February 2019 the Students of Office Procedures Class students visited Nehru Science Centre and attended workshops on practical Science and Science Toy Making. Various concepts were taught with science activities such as law of gravity, friction, air pressure, heat, saving the environment, liquids & semi solids. The second workshop elucidated concepts of vision and perception, and balance. The workshops were aimed to further independent thinking and action, which kept the students enthralled and motivated to try out their own ideas to understand how science and consequently the universe works.
To enhance life skills and independent living, the students of Grades III & IV along with a few students from the Intermediate level stayed overnight in School on the 1st & 2nd February 2019. The outing which included daytime visits to the Museum, the Seaside, a park and a Chapel was designed to create awareness of different environments and culture and to introduce an overnight experience devoid of parents or familial guardians.
On 7th February 2019, the students of the Formative Years enjoyed a day of fun with domestic animals. The learning was of immense value as SPJ Sadhana believes in Holistic Education. The students learnt fear management, practical assimilation of animal habits and communication with different life forms. All in all a very fruitful learning experience.
The Staff and Students of the Skills Enhancement, Intermediate School, left for Goa on 20th February 2019, for a 3 day visit, as part of their IIP Programme. The Students visited A Turtle Farm; St. France’s Xavier’s Church and Mangheshi Temple and a Spice Plantation and embarked on Boat Cruises. The objective was to expose them to Art & Culture and list their survival skills. The students, needless to say were their effective confident selves much to the delight of their hosts and teachers, on various outings.
On 26th February 2019, the Prevocational Class travelled to Tadoba Nagpur for a 4 days IIP excursion. The goal was to achieve independence in life skills and integrate seamlessly into new and varied environments. Our students participated in nature walks, safaris and outdoor activities. As a group there were exceptionally fortunate to have spotted ‘Maya the tigress’. To hone their skills they undertook with kudos various activities in all the outings, to have a wonderful and memorable excursion.
On 7th February 2019, Apartmita Singh of Visual Arts and Crafts participated in a video shoot and interview by the Indian Dental Association. Apartmita participated as one of the athletes to be selected for the Special Olympics World summer Games (SOWSG), Kudos Apartmita.

On 25th February 2019, Ms. Rajashri Ghosalkar our Sports Coach and Ms. Apartmita Singh, Ms. Pooja Patel and Ms. Pooja Vira were felicitated for outstanding achievements of which the school is extremely proud. Ms. Ghosalkar has been appointed International Coach, in swimming, for the Indian contingent, to the Special Olympic 2019 to be held at Abu Dhabi. Ms. Aparmita Singh will represent India in the Athletics Track Event. Ms. Pooja Patel and Ms. Pooja Vira will participate in the Open Water Swimming Event. CONGRATULATIONS all and we at Sadhana are right behind you all the way.
Aparimita Singh, athlete from Visual Arts and Crafts department attended Oral examination at Indian Dental Association, Prabhadevi, Mumbai for World Summer Games, Abu Dhabi, 2019 organized by Special Olympics, Maharashtra.

7 Students from Grade II, III & IV participated in Special Olympics Maharashtra Young Athlete Evaluation and Research Programme Phase III on 15th February, 2019 along with Sports Teacher Rajashri Ghosalkar.

22 students from Skills Enhancement, Pre-Vocational, Work World Skills, Visual Arts & Craft and Hospitality & Catering Unit participated in Secure Giving Concern India Foundation Differently Abled Athletics Events at Bai Avabai Petit Girls High School, Bandra Mumbai on 16th February, 2019. They have won 9 Gold, 6 Silver & 3 Bronze medals in 50 mtrs. Run and 100 mtrs. Run.
On 4th February 2019, the Principal Ms. Fionika Sanghvi, Ms. Charusheela Dhotre and Ms Cynthia with 2 students were invited by Aquacentric to participate in an experiential session of Aquatic Therapy. As SPJ Sadhana already has a Hydrotherapy Unit, this was a welcome session to exchange notes.
On 7th February 2019, Dr. Anuradha Sovani of SNDT WU visited SPJ Sadhana School; along with her was a group of 15 Staff and Students who attended the orientation programme conducted every year by Ms. Kashmira Vazifdar, our school counsellor.
19 students of the Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, which operates under the aegis of Amity University Uttar Pradesh, interred from 13th February 2019 to get an exposure to the different services offered by SPJ Sadhana School.
On 15th February 2019, students and teachers from the Bombay Teacher’s Training College affiliated to the Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board, visited SPJ Sadhana School and participated in diverse class activities with the students. The objective of the visit was to sensitize the students to teachers to the culture prevalent in our institution related to early childhood education and special education and to create awareness of and familiarise them with our educational processes.

Therapists from the Society of Rehabilitation of Crippled Children visited the SPJ Sadhana School on 20th February 2019 for an Orientation.

On 22nd February 2019, Nursing Students from Ashkur Maila Kendra, Bhorkar visited our SPJ Sadhana School and the Sophia Campus.
On 16th & 17th February 2019, Principal Ms. Fionika Sanghvi along with Coordinators Kashmira Vazifdar and Tejal Kothari attended a workshop at Forum for Autism & Shree Manav Seva Sangh Trust, Sion. The seminar provided in depth information on the subject and practical understanding to work with a child, both at school and home. It was an extremely informative session providing an overview of autism and the ways to deal with it.
Design Thinking & Innovation in the Classroom was conducted by Mr. Girish Nair-Curiosity Gym on 15th February 2019, during the two and half hour session brainstorming was done on better ways of bringing value education in the classroom. An interactive session was held to discuss the various problems faced by teachers, parent’s society and students for inadequate learning in classroom.