April 2023 Update
The month of April 2023 was filled with a combination of academic activities as well as fun events. The school celebrated World Autism Day with week-long interactive activities. All these activities ended the academic year for the students with fun and learning in a play way.

Appreciation Day was celebrated at the school, where the contribution of all the staff members and care workers was acknowledged and they were rewarded with a badge of appreciation – SPJ Sadhana School SUPER STAR 2022-23. Each student received a SUPER STAR Badge with a title of appreciation.

A Talent Show was held in school for which every student was encouraged to participate in one way or another. The students enthusiastically performed in the Talent Show, with items that included dances, songs, presentation of movie dialogues and fancy-dress activities. Similarly, puzzle competitions were held, where students were required to solve puzzles of different levels of complexity according to their ability. A pottery activity was also conducted and received a very enthusiastic response.

A Yoga Competition was held, wherein students competed to see who could perform the maximum number of Surya Namaskars. This competition provided a combination of enjoyment as well as health benefits.

An interesting Story Telling Session was conducted, entitled "The Enormous Carrot". The story sensitised the students to the benefits of teamwork. Thereafter a fun craft activity was conducted with the students, related to the story.

A movie with popcorn was arranged for the students, with a theatre set-up organized within the school.

A heart-warming session of animal therapy was organized by Mr. Lonkar of Animal Assisted Therapy. The students enjoyed interacting with his beautiful Labrador therapy dog called UNO.

An eye camp was conducted in school by the ASG Eye Hospital. A thorough eye check-up was completed for the students, the staff members and the care workers.

The YAP (Young Athletes Programme) was conducted as a training for the parents of the students. This is an innovative sports programme for students from 2 to 7 years old. Activities in this programme would help to develop the physical and mental abilities of the children. Our students have recently participated in the YAP event organized by the Special Olympics Bharat, Maharashtra.

A Puppet Show entitled "Raju's Smartphone Adventure" was presented on the theme of how smartphones should be used for benefit, rather than as a distraction. The message provided by the puppet show was that one should not allow oneself to be addicted to smartphones, but rather should use them maturely for beneficial activities.

An important component of the academic year were the Open Days which were scheduled at the school to provide positive and supportive feedback to the parents on their children's performance, by emphasizing their achievements and providing constructive and practical suggestions for further improvement.

The term ended with a meeting of all the Management and the Staff Members. The Administrative Staff shared their experiences of participating in the NIRVAAN 2023 Exhibition-cum-sale for NGOs organized by Nirmala Memorial College, Kandivli, and the exhibition at Taj Wellington Mews on Women's Day.

Teachers from various departments presented Case Studies of a few students, which involved sharing details of the Goals for the student, the Behaviours involved, the Methods, Strategies and Activities used, the Breakthroughs observed as well as Guidance/Suggestions, and the Future Plan for the student.

Staff members were provided with a series of suggestions regarding various procedures and systems to be followed, and responsibilities assigned, during the next academic year. The final activity for the Staff Meeting was entitled "It Takes Two to Mango". This was a fun activity where each staff member was asked to bring any one item that had the mango as an ingredient and share it with another staff member. Each staff member wrote about the person, with whom they wanted to exchange the mango item, expressing their gratitude or their apologies, thus building friendship through this act of sharing and expressing their feelings.

Thus the academic year ended on a meaningful and fun note, building a warm rapport, where everyone looked forward to new achievements in the new academic year.