September 2021 Update
Strange as it may seem - a strangeness that descends every year - as October rolls by, a quickening pervades the air. Whether the intermittent holiday or the festivities and celebrations, the tempo stirs up and sets a pace of anticipation. Somewhere the ticking clock calls to mind the burgeoning expectations of Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali, and the elusive glimpse of winter, and the year end is almost in sight. Time starts to fly!

SPJ Sadhana School has always collaborated or participated in programmes with an international flavour, to allow the students as much of globally invested education as possible. With this in mind, the school is participating in the British Council's IDS project. International Dimension in Schools (IDS) celebrates a school's effort to include international work as part of their curriculum and helps embed it within the school's culture. For SPJ Sadhana, the IDS project has fostered a new dimension to enhance student perception in a holistic manner, with exposure to the culture of different countries of the world.

In the Formative Years, Grade 3 had to collaborative with New Zealand. The teachers have connected with the Sommerville Special School and had a fruitful meeting with the Deputy Principal and one of their teachers. Sadhana School shared a power point presentation on India and the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, while the Sommerville Special School has reciprocated with a power point presentation on the activities of the Maori festival celebrations.

The Intermediate School have concentrated on ‘Wellness 2.0’ (Good Health and Wellbeing) through Meditation, Dance Movement Therapy, Yoga, Diet of different countries and a wellness dictionary compounded in school. The Intermediate School will collaborate with a school in Dubai, the HSB Dubai.

At the Vocational level, the Wood Art and Handicrafts worked on ‘Happy Petals’ which was the ‘Identification of Flowers’ used for decoration and flower arrangements in India, Thailand, South Africa and Spain. The Hospitality and Catering department have investigated the Potato, ‘A Super Food’. They have studied the nutritional value of the potato, along with preparation of dishes from China, Japan, France and India. The Visual Arts and Crafts learnt about ‘Handicrafts – From the Heart to the Hand’. The students worked on different handicrafts while imbibing their culture and tradition. The handicrafts detailed were Abla work from India, Origami from Japan, Stained Glass painting from Rome and Tinga Tinga art from East Africa.

The Offices Procedures Course have studied the ‘Metro Cities of India and International Metro Cities’. The students celebrated the Spirit of Calcutta as part of the IDS learning. They learnt why Durga Puja is celebrated in Bengal and about Bengali food and traditional outfits.

As the second year of virtual schooling has progressed, the school with the help of Principal Ms. Fionika Sanghvi, welcomed guest mentors to enhance teaching those subjects that are easier when taught hands-on.

One such area of learning was Housekeeping, where bed making was demonstrated and taught to the students by an expert team from Hotel Taj President. The team headed by Mr. Kamlesh, along with Mr. Shantaram and Mr. Pratemesh, conducted a workshop to teach the students the intricacies of making a bed. The team held an interactive session where they showed the students the various accessories needed for bed making, labelling the various materials and the important points to be kept in mind while selecting a bed-sheet.

The team was very impressed by the students' queries at the end of the session. They applauded the students’ understanding and looked forward to having another interactive session with them.

A guest lecturer was invited by the principal Ms. Fionika Sanghvi on 24th September 2021, Dr. Megha Shah who addressed the Office Procedures Class on Dental Health and Hygiene. Using a large dental model, Dr. Shah explained the function of the teeth and the correct methods of dental care. She also emphasized the role of dental hygiene, its importance and the pitfalls of neglecting dental care. The session was an interactive one, where the students were meaningfully involved.

Ganesh Chaturthi was also celebrated in School. Grade 3 had a virtual celebration where the students did an online darshan with the aarti. The students dressed in their traditional clothes for the celebration. The students of the Visual Arts and Crafts celebrated the festival by modelling Ganapatis out of clay.

Teacher’s day was celebrated with a great deal of joy and verve. The students with the help of their parents (where necessary) planned entertainment to delight the teachers. The day was truly memorable as the students showcased their talents.

The entertainment included songs, music, dances, recitation of poems and prayers, a few speeches and heartfelt gratitude for the Herculean efforts of the teachers. As students individually performed, it was a moment of great pride and achievement to perceive the unfolding of their numerous talents - a true indication of the endeavours of all concerned, proof positive of what may be achieved when heart, mind and spirit are together.