September & October 2022 Update
A very important celebration in any educational institution is that of Teacher’s Day. The school honours the teachers with the following beautiful quote:
Teacher is one that teaches,
One whose occupation is to instruct,
One who inspires, motivates and opens up minds to the endless possibilities of which
one can achieve,
One who makes a positive difference in the lives of many,
An extraordinary human being, compassionate, inspiring, courageous, heroic
And amazing !
In recognition of the constant and selfless care and guidance that the teachers provide to the students, the Parent Teacher Association invited them to a celebration in September at Cream Centre, Chowpatty. It was an evening of fun and merriment over a series of games and interactions. This was followed by a delicious array of snacks. Teachers and parents bonded and shared their mutual appreciation of each other.

A great deal of time was spent on an important activity, which is revision in preparation for the 1st Term Assessment. The teachers spent time and effort to thoroughly revise each topic/skill that formed part of the syllabus for the term. These included academic topics as well as other skills such as art, craft, kitchen skills, etc. depending on the focus of each class/department. This ensured that the students were thoroughly prepared for the assessments.

The next phase was the assessment which formed the end of term assessment. The aim of this is to evaluate the progress of each student through the semester, to evaluate which topics/skills a student has mastered, as well as to identify areas where further training or support is needed and to provide appropriate feedback and guidance to parents. The assessment enabled the teachers to prepare new strategies to cope with the areas of difficulty and to individualize the process of teaching/learning. As always, the assessments at Sadhana School are conducted in a calm, disciplined, stress-free manner. Varied modalities were used to ease the assessment. Kahoot, Google, puzzles, worksheets and hands on activities were methods used to simplify the assessments and make it enjoyable as well.

The natural follow-up to the assessment was the Open Day, when parents were invited to school and provided feedback on their child’s performance in class, behaviours and other areas of concerns. The parents met the teachers, therapists and coordinators and had detailed discussions about their child’s progress and development. The aim of this feedback is always to identify what the student can do, rather than what he/she cannot do. The discussions at the Open Day have always been conducted in a very positive, supportive and empathetic manner. This guidance has been greatly appreciated by the parents, as evinced from the following letter written by a parent;
‘Dear Fionika ma’am and all the lovely teachers,
Heartfelt gratitude to u all for this most beautiful open day experience of our lives. I
am totally zapped with the way interaction was conducted.
A platform where your child’s shortcomings are not highlighted (which we parents are
already well aware of) Instead offering a listening ear where we can share from our
heart and all teachers listening intently without judging the child and the parent, was
an awesome experience.
Kudos to team Sadhana and big thanks from bottom of my heart.’
A Diwali Sale was conducted on Open Day with the purpose of showcasing the skills of the students, training them to work towards a deadline and present their items to visitors. The sale provided a festive atmosphere for the Diwali season. There were Diwali hampers for sale which included pretty diyas painted by the students of the Visual Arts Department, rangolis of paper flowers and beaded tealights made by the Wood Art & Handicraft Department, gift tags made by the Office Skills Department, and delicious chocolates, cookies and gud-papdi made by the Hospitality & Catering Department. The school received very appreciative feedback from the parents about the items on sale.
‘The Diwali hampers for sale is a commendable job by the students and staff of SPJ....
Relished the yummy chocolates and loved the diyas.
All the very best!’

A Special Assembly was presented on The Five Days of Diwali, by the students of the Formative Years. Each class was assigned one day, and depicted the importance of that day. The Special Assembly was a successful event since each child’s potential was used to the best of their ability.

Grade I presented Day 1, Dhanteras. Using their potential of following simple one-step instructions, they set up a Mandir and performed the Aarti of Laxmi Mata.

Grade II presented Day 2, Kali Chaudas. Each student using their potential of imitation, signing and following two-step instructions, were able to imitate actions, and depict the essence of cleaning the house for Diwali.

Grades III & IV presented Days 3 and 4. These students have better comprehension skills, adequate memory retaining skills and fewer sensory issues. All these skills were used to depict the return of Ram and Sita from exile (Vanvas). Ram was crowned the King of Ayodhya on Day 3, followed by a dance on Gowardhan Maharaj for Day 4. Students also used their Arts-Based Therapy intervention of drum circle to play drums as an entry for Ram into his kingdom.

Day 5, which is Bhai Dooj, was enacted by our careworkers who felt so overwhelmed and respected through this performance. The décor was also made by the students who did painting and craft assignments to create items to give a festive look to the place of performance and the school.

The Special Assembly was witnessed by our generous donors Mr. Deepakbhai Revantilal Shah and family, Mr. Nitishbhai and Nileshbhai Kothari and family and Ms. Raakhee Reshamwala and family, who appreciated the Special Assembly and the performances of the students.

The school organized a farewell for two members of the staff, Ms. Adora Britto and Ms. Jasmine Sajnani, and appreciated the role that they played in the school.

A Staff Meeting was held at the end of term, attended by the Principal and the entire staff. Several issues were discussed at the meeting.

Feedback was provided on the system of Open Day and on Report Writing. The Principal, Ms. Fionika Sanghvi conveyed that Report Writing is all about noticing and observing the child. She stressed the importance of recalling and reinstating the uniqueness, ability and strength of each student. It is also important to word the reports positively. Feedback from the parents was also a part of the discussion, including suggestions regarding font-size, clarifications regarding the system of rating, etc. Parents had also raised concerns regarding ADL skills, behavioural and emotional issues, counseling of students along with siblings, controlling access to digital devices, coping with the return to physical school after the pandemic, screening for dyslexia/epilepsy, and the need for a speech therapist.

Another topic of discussion at the staff meeting was suggestions and planning for the Golden Jubilee Year. Plans were also discussed for the Annual Exhibition in December2022. Themes for the Exhibition were identified for each level/class/department.

Discussion and planning also focused on preparation of the school magazine, Sadhana Times. The Staff Meeting ended with Diwali greetings and wishing each other for the holidays.

The term ended with the Diwali Party, a colourful celebration of the festival of Diwali. Staff and students wished each other lovingly and enthusiastically enjoyed the celebrations, which included decorations, music, a singer, a guitar player, and snacks. Our generous donors added to the charm of the celebrations. Ms. Rakhee Reshamwala and family provided firecrackers, Mr. Deepakbhai Revantilal Shah and family provided mithai and diyas.

Mr. Nishitbhai and Nileshbhai Kothari and family provided the Diwali lunch. We are deeply grateful to the donors for their generosity, support and encouragement.

Thus an extremely busy term ended on a note of festivity and joy, to carry the teachers and students into the Diwali holidays.