March 2022 Update
2nd and 3rd March 2022 were red letter days at SPJ Sadhana as the students returned to ‘inperson’ school. They were welcomed back with greetings, fun activities and a lot of joy. Each class displayed its own welcome board to delight the students and give them an immediate sense of connection after an interval of two years. The students were eased into their routine through a staggered schedule to facilitate the shift with minimal trauma. Understandably, it was difficult for some while others were happy to ‘waltz’ into their classrooms.

The first day was one of mixed reactions as the staff reoriented them with the pitfalls of the pandemic punctuated by forage into fun. The students at the Intermediate Level participated in fun games with reminders of preventions to be taken for Covid, thrown in for good measure. The students of the Wood Art and Handicrafts class were thrilled with selfies and games. They also made chocolate ‘bouquets’ to present to their parents. The Hospitality & Catering Department conducted games with the Chef’s uniform and accouterments where the students pitted their skills against each other. In the Formative Years the students celebrated their first day at school bonding with their teachers and playing games.

This year SPJ Sadhana School achieved fresh laurels by winning the International Dimension in Schools Certificate for the period 2022-25. The certificate was formally awarded by the British Council in a Virtual Ceremony held on 23rd March 2022.

Mr. Sharad Kale from the Disha Project visited the School on 15th March 202. He interacted with the Staff of the Formative Years and Intermediate Level on teaching and training in accordance with the Disha Portal.

On 21st March 2022, World Disability Day, the 9th Grade of Hillspring International School interacted with the students of SPJ Sadhana School with gift boxes, to create a sense of bonding within the schools. The Hillspring initiative was aimed at enhancing their belief that every child in India, irrespective of their class or gender, is a vital part of society and educating even one student means taking the nation ahead and helping it become a developed independent country: a thought which matches SPJ Sadhana’s own beliefs..

On 11th March 2022, the parents of the Intermediate Level participated in a session on Behaviour Modification Techniques. Mrs. Jain educated the concept of using reinforcements to increase appropriate behaviour or to reduce undesirable behavior using stickers, coins, stars and token that would be exchanged for a favourite toy, snack or visit to a restaurant or movies, with laudable results.

On 28th March 2022, the final year students of MA in psychology from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai visited SPJ Sadhana School and were oriented by our Counsellor Ms. Kashmira Vazifdar.

It’s been a ‘new’ month for SPJ Sadhana all over again, thanks to the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of the pandemic.