Since 10th June 2020 the school commenced online classes, embracing the chalked out syllabus but innovating strategies to engage the student. The first step was a successful partnership with the parents who are now consistently active in the online sessions. Utilizing the Google Meet platform, the teachers address small groups to ensure methodological instruction and transfer of learning. Daily feedback, meetings and interaction between the staff, Coordinators and Principal keep the entire programme on track with each day’s activities verified and approved by the apex and collated to keep every member of the staff in the know of the whole picture. The aim is to have a network where co-teachers may immediately step in to fill in delays due to technical or other problems. The past month has been a time of learning.

Several fears such as capturing attention of the students and holding it have mostly proved unfounded, as the majority of the students have taken to the change as ducks to water. The novelty of being home with parents in tow has definitely influenced the youngsters and their enthusiasm and engagement in their sessions and their perseverance certainly have something more to say.

All in all, the experience has been extremely fruitful and encouraging as we look forward to a very fulfilling time ahead.
In the mouth of June, several birthdays were celebrated in keeping with the school's tradition of making birthdays special for our students. While a birthday cake was cut by the birthday ‘boy' or ‘girl' their friends came in with their own small cakes and plenty of singing and wishing. There were definitely huge smiles all around.
In view of stressing gratitude in these hard times, the students of the Intermediate school made ‘Thank you’ E-cards to mail do their family physician on Doctor’s Day. The students do understand the heroic sacrifices made by the medical community. The students also celebrated Father’s Day by presenting their fathers with cards which they made themselves. The students also presented a Bollywood theme activity where they dressed and spoke like famous actors as part of their communication programme.
International Yoga Day was celebrated by interaction between the Yoga instructors Ms. Charusheela Dhotre and Ms. Swati Sheth and the students and parents. The staff and students engaged in a lively interchange discussing the history of the science the benefits of yoga and all the enjoyable moments imitating ‘trees’ and ‘mountains’ and ‘animals’ in their multiple asanas.
Teaching Methodology have spiralled creatively into the virtual dimension. Teaching aids employ household articles easily available around the house. The staffs have designed multishaped and coloured beads from paper, used food processors to explain the workings of the computer - its input processing and output, picture recipes to explain ingredients and PPT to explain The Essentials of art. Math gained new heights when the teacher duplicated a Math Lab at home.
In the Formative Years the younger students are enticed with stimulating games through the ‘Kahoots' App where the teacher may host a series of action plan for learning.

Enjoyable twists have been added to Senior school learning. Theme based studies capture greater students participation as they delve into the history and makings of ‘Curd’ and 'Butter' and the interesting delectables that follow. The school also thanks the parents for their sincere and meaningful participation in the daily sessions and for the success of the virtual learning experience.