July 2021 Update
The year, June 2020/2021, was a period of learning and assimilating the new normal. This year SPJ Sadhana moved into curating, collating and consolidating the learning processes acquired on the online platform. This will now be integral features of the teaching essentials of the Sadhana system. To further foster this endeavour, the Principal organised a Refresher Course in the use of the Teaching Format, an exclusive teaching / learning tool, developed and extensively used in all the years of Sadhana’s growth.

The teaching format lies at the very core of Sadhana’s teaching strategies. A dynamic instrument, it has weathered all the teething troubles and emerged a definitive and efficacious tool, which can assess all the new teaching methodologies formulated since June 2020. Its forte is to include not only academic pedagogy but also determine emotional constraints that hinder learning, and provide the teacher with a faithful evaluation of the students programme.

The Coordinators of the three levels presented a competitive study on the teaching format. They explored different learning styles in general, and conducted a survey of the teacher’s learning style in particular. The Math Head of the Department demonstrated that a mathematical assessment is an essential component in determining the levels of the students and in the subsequent methodology.

The role of nutrition for a healthy mind and body, especially in these times of Covid-19, cannot be understated and is extremely pertinent. The PTA of SPJ Sadhana School organised a talk on nutrition by Mrs. Madhavi Adimulam of Ananya Child Development and Early Intervention Clinic. The nutrition plan suggested, would also work as an alternative intervention for the holistic development for students on the ASD, ADHD and other disorders. The programme maintains improvements in language and learning skills, reduced hyperactivity, better behaviour and sleep and improved eye contact among other benefits.

Further, the Enhanced Intervention Centre conducted two essential staff training meetings for the therapists. The training was held to support therapy on the online platform; the staff learnt how to share screen on Google Meet, how to play the Brain Gym video, how to present stories from the Story Wearer Site, use the white board, make attachments on Google documents, use of excel sheets and make graphs.

A workshop was conducted by the EIC coordinator and counsellor and Formative Years Coordinator on the Management of Menstruation among the girls of Grade IV. The workshop was conducted for the girls and their mothers with a session for the mothers and another for the girls. The Counsellor addressed preparation for Menarche, Hygiene, Myths associated with menstruation, Medical Psychologies and religious issues, independence in self management and continuing normalcy in daily living. The workshop was much appreciated by the parents and went a long way in creating a sense of comfort and normalcy for the students.

Three Students of the Visual Arts and Crafts have surged forward and presented innovative exceptional work this term. Adithya Pillai, a promising student demonstrated an unique execution of the “Lazy Eight", a Brain Gym exercise that helps by synchronising our body system for better comprehension, focus, organization, communication and emotional health. Adithya executed the exercise with both hands simultaneously, exhibiting extraordinary balance and co-ordination skills. Dylan Rodrigues, using different shapes and tools from the Paint software created a representation of ‘Mickey Mouse’ showcasing his accuracy and precision.

Babul Lodhi, demonstrating exceptional creativity, designed the face of ‘Mickey Mouse’ and the ‘Doremon' cartoon, independently while only looking at a reference picture. Bravo Students!

Further, the Hospitality and Catering student's expanded their repertoire of chocolate based delicacies and made forays into international cuisine – Gratin Dauphinois and a Japanese potato salad.

Two teachers of the Formative Years Department, Vanessa Noronha and Minal Asher, surpassed themselves in constructing visual aids for the students. Ms. Vanessa Noronha demonstrated a detailed Power Point Presentation for fabricating a snail from clay. Ms. Minal Asher constructed a colourful tableau to elucidate the story of a child who runs out into the street and is injured by a passing vehicle.

Ms. Rajashri Ghosalkar and Ms. Ujwala Wadekar organized a virtual special session, on 31st July 2021, with ex-student athlete leaders, Hamza Kachwala and Aparmita Singh. Mr. Sonu Sood, Brand Ambassador for Special Olympics, Bharat, graced the occasions. Ms. Ghosalkar and Ms. Wadekar also attended Special Olympics Maharashtra Organized Coaches Virtual Orientation Programme on 17th July 2021. Math concepts and general knowledge has also been introduced in the Sports Programme to develop gross motor and cognitive abilities.

Rahim Adatia of Prevocational class received a Certificate of Participation on World Scout Scarf Day for the designated activity ‘good turn’. He received the acclamation for helping his grandfather in daily activities.

Guru Purnima was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the entire school. Students made cards and presented them to the teachers.

As this year has progressed, the school has seen many changes in the teaching venues and there will be further innovations to hold the attention of the students practically on the online platform.