In the month of July, SPJ Sadhana School progressed well in its virtual learning programme. Continuing its policy of interaction, the school has had regular meetings with parents to support virtual learning and to deal with behavioural issues. Timetables have been adjusted to suit the needs of the students especially those on the ASD spectrum. Physical capacity of the students has also been considered, which led to gauging and fixing the optimum time period for teaching. More individual sessions for academics and therapy have also been allotted, to help students settle.

On the mentor front, capacity building sessions for the teachers are held on Fridays to enhance teaching styles and provide a larger ‘think-tank’ to deal with the curriculum. Capacity building workshops have included in-house training of staff for Teaching, Learning AIDS for virtual learning; Mindfulness Meditation, Counting Workshop (Mathematics) and stress management for lock down and virtual training.

The teachers, by and large, have individually and on their own time participated in webinars and online courses for self-improvement. Anju Daswani, Alpa Mazumdar and Avadhut Magar have attended webinars from Nehru Science Centre, while Ms. Rajashri Ghosalkar, our Sports Coach, is intensely involved in the entire online programme conducted by Special Olympics Bharat.

A special mention must be made for our dedicated staff - in spite of ill health, network-failure and other problems, the online sessions have worked consistently and with full authencity as the staff, working as one, pitched in during the absence of their colleagues.

The school has also continued student Admission interviews for vocational training online, in order to offer the best possible chance at education to students, in these stressful times.

Meanwhile, students have participated in various activities and events and come away with flying colours. The National Sibling forum of SOB conducted a Dance with Social Distancing activity. The dance was demonstrated and taught by our athlete Sanjana Pore. A very proud moment for us all.

Special Olympics Bharat Maharashtra also celebrated the Global week of Inclusion by showcasing with athletes by showcasing their art and craft creative abilities. Aria Mansingka is portrayed eloquently on their Facebook and Instagram pages with her very creative artwork.

Students have also participated in story writing and art work for secure giving event called ‘Lockdown Diaries.’

On the Academic front, the Formative Years began with computer classes. The Students used ‘google doc' to work. The students worked on the given content while the teachers gained a real time understanding of the students performance. The teacher guided the students on Google Meet. The students engaged their auditory perception ability to listen and develop typing skills in Google Doc. Further the Intermediate School worked on students engaging and immersing in the environment. Mind maps, monsoon food, Mandala Art and celebrations such as to Friendship day and Guru Purnima were some of the topics incorporated. Virtual Training has also allowed Vocational Classes a vast and diverse platform to develop their academic training.

A happy outcome of the programme has been greater bonding between the staff and parents. Observing the teachers, the parents have often found themselves pleasantly surprised by the teaching strategies that have won over students. On the other hand, the teachers have gained an opportunity to peep into their homes and learn how the home environment can affect the handling of the child and in use of techniques given to help.