January 2022 Update
January, 2022, saw the release of the annual ‘Sadhana Times’-e-magazine.

The magazine is not only an account of the year's achievements, but also a glimpse into the thoughts, convictions and hopes of the teachers and the brave acceptance and continuous efforts of the students in dealing with a platform that, though productive, has also brought in emotional upheaval. Sentiments which in the course of a normal school day would have been expressed, discussed and passed on, are now overtly and covertly evident in the pages of the magazine. We invite all to share in our feelings. The magazine is available at: http://spjsadhanaschool.org/pdf/Sadhana-Times.pdf.

Republic Day and Makar Sankranti were both celebrated with zest in the classes. The Formative Years concentrated on activities celebrating the tri-colours of the Indian Flag. Grade II made tricolour planes with paper crumpling skills. They also artistically constructed the Indian flag with flowers and leaves in the flag colours. Little chefs from Grade III served up a tricolour fruit salad to delight the palate, while Grade IV, using origami, fashioned the Indian flag with back and forth paper folding skills. For Makar Sankranti, Grade II made kites while Grade III and IV indulged in a singing session, while learning of the traditions we follow.

The Intermediate classes had a plethora of activities to celebrate both the events. Students dressed in the traditional clothes of the different states, welcomed everyone in the respective languages on Republic Day. The teachers explained the importance of being a ‘Republic’ and having a constitution and introduced the students to the framers of the ‘constitution’ especially Baba Saheb Ambedkar.

The celebration was unique as students individually introduced themes concerning Republic day and participated with song and dance to augment each facet of our freedom. As Makar Sankranti is a harvest festival that celebrates the growing of crops, the students emulated this by sowing coriander seeds in pots in class. They also made Videshi Sesame seed and dry fruits granola bars, а fun activity in keeping with the themed day.

Tricolour cuisine was a popular choice in The Vocational classes. The students used a wide range of ingredients in orange, white and green to display the colours of the Indian Flag. They also celebrated the spirit of patriotism with songs and music. The students learnt the importance of the Republic day and of the Indian Constitution. Videos of the Republic Day parade visibly impressed them and gendered pride in being a citizen of our wonderful country.

Makar Sankranti was also celebrated with crafting kites. Students learnt constructing a kite on the computer using the tools of MS Paint.

Priya D’souza continued her capacity building workshops on google apps, for the staff.

‘2022 has begun with a bang’