February 2022 Update
Valentine's Day! A beautiful remembrance of deep affection and gratitude. This year it has been a blessed herald, a welcome, thankfully almost last "Arrivederci" to online school, and hopefully Covid, and an eager "hello" to the much anticipated offline experience. Welcome change!

This February, Valentine's Day has brought great joy to students, parents and teachers alike. Valentine's Day is a day to express love and gratitude to the people who are instrumental in making our lives meaningful. With this in mind the students of the school celebrated Valentine's with their siblings on 14th February 2022, to express their love and gratitude. In the Formative Years, 14 siblings attended the Programme. For an hour, there were games and "kitchen" activities which encouraged the students and the siblings to work and play together, which the teachers recorded on a video. The students also played an online board game which had fun activities to be done along with their siblings. The students made a card for their siblings, which they presented to them while expressing their gratitude.

For culinary activities Grades I & II were clubbed together. They made Choco-popcorn balls, while Grade IV made a sweet tray. In the Intermediate classes, the students made red cut-outs of hearts to present to each member of their family, signifying how important every member was to them. During the recreation sessions, the parents pitched in with games and activities, while all turned to great fun.

The Vocational classes indulged in art and & craft. In the Visual Arts & Crafts Department the students created an origami heart shaped bookmark for their loved ones. They also designed and created their own gift wrapping paper to wrap their gift. The students of the Office Procedures Course made beautiful red roses, which they presented to different members of their family. The Wood Art and Handicrafts Department made friendship bands, beaded hearts and spray painted a beautiful Valentine's Day card for their loved ones. The students of the Hospitality & Catering Department made an e-card and "mocktails" for their parents and siblings. The e-cards expressed their love and gratitude for their families. They also made and served their loved ones an exotic "Mocktail" - a fruit punch made with apples, strawberries and all things delectable. All in all it was a memorable day filled with friendship, frolic and love.

Three students of the Hospitality and Catering Department participated in the "Ace Chef" Competition, organized by the Nalanda Learning Facilitation Programme on 25th February 2022. Ayushi Shah, Kianoosh Dalal and Siddhant Das participated with great enthusiasm. The students were very well prepared and following all parameters finished their fare in the given limit and presented it beautifully. Ayushi made Baked Potato Wedges, Kianoosh served Microwave Brownies and Siddhant - much like his peppy personality - made Quick Pudding.

Bravo all!

On the first day of "off-line" school, the teachers carried out an orientation to acquaint and reintroduce precautionary measures against Covid, re-oriented students with class equipment, and educated them on the advantages of wearing a mask and distancing in class. The students also played games and enjoyed themselves with the staff.

Shivaji Jayanti was celebrated by the Formative Years and Intermediate level. The teachers told stories of Shivaji and his exploits explaining his bravery and valour. Grade I & II made a shield while the other classes created artwork to commemorate the day.

Special Olympics Bharat has invited the school to participate in the healthy Athletes programme to be conducted across India. The project - "Aazadi ka Amrut Mahotsav"/ "75 years of Independence" is an initiative by the Government of India. As the school feels these programmes will benefit the students, it will participate fully. All students will receive an Identification Card with a barcode from the Special Olympics Bharat where their health history will be stored and can be used in the future.

Finally, back in school, the students are enjoying their freedom, their friends and their fun. It's good to be back.