August 2021 Update
Mumbai has two seasons, it is said, ‘Hot’ and ‘Hot and Wet!’ True, but there is a third, perennial at that; the season of Festivals and Celebrations. Mumbaikars live by feeling! While they take bomb-blasts and insurgency in resolute silence, they relish festivities with serious éclat and come August, even Nature sheds it benediction on Indian life-the verdant green of the drenched foliage, the luscious orange of the saffron sun, the pristine white clouds in the blue monsoon sky and the Tiranga flies high on Independence Day.

Come any festival or festivity, Mumbaikers dive in deep, the red, blue, purple of Jamnashtami the orange, white, green of the Indian flag, the radiant white of the Zoroastrian Navroz, the many colours of Rakshabadhan, we passionately celebrate with a smile on our lips and love in our hearts. So, too, do our loving students with open hearts and joyous ways. SPJ Sadhana revels in revelries!

There was a plethora of cards and flags made by the students. The boys and girls, of the Hospitality and Catering, dressed as heroes of independence, honoured them. The concept of Satyamev Jayate – Truth before all else – was imparted to the students in many ways, - stories, activities and art, – while stressing the values of truthfulness and honesty. The Wood art and Handicraft Department stressed on these through craft, while using the colours of the Indian flag for friendship bands. At the Intermediate level, the students coloured the National Emblem and turned out tri - coloured pizzas with pizzazz. The birth of Krishna was celebrated with story - telling and decorating the matki. Raksha Bandhan was celebrated by making colourful Rakhis'. Meanwhile, the Sports' instructors created recreational games with an accent on Satyamev Jayate for Independence Day.

The Principal, Ms. Fionika Sanghvi introduced a new technology based vocational training in graphics and animations for the students of the vocational courses, through an outsourced organisation - Aims Media. The organisation offers different programmes while concentrating on skill development, capacity building, creativity and functional skills for students with especial educational needs. Co-ordinator of Formative Years Ms. Priya D’Souza and Ms. Saloni Sachdev conducted a workshop for parents and teachers in the use of Avaz Acc- Ms. Priya D'Souza explained the Avaz app as an augmentive and communication tool that would facilitate communication for students with speech and language difficulties. Ms. Saloni Sachdev elucidated the effectiveness of the tool with special reference to students entering the teenage years.

The month of August 2021, was enjoyed by the students, parents and staff as it was a three way trip in fun and frolic.